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Hanwha Precision Machinery extend Partnership with Elite 7

Date: 26 Jul 2021
With more than 100 Hanwha mounters installed since the partnership began 8 years ago, Hanwha extend their partnership with Elite 7.

Celebrating 10 years of Successful Installations

Date: 08 Oct 2020
Celebrating this success, we are pleased to bring to you an exciting and new product from our long- term partners in Korea – STS SMT Total Solutions. Fully Automatic In-Line Ink Jet Marking solutions, capable of printing 4mm square QR Codes at any angle!!

2007 Samsung CP45FV NEO overhauled by Elite 7 installed

Date: 04 Aug 2020
Overhauled and repainted by Elite 7 Engineers, this 2007 machine looked and performed as good as new, installed this week.

HANWHA SM485 Multi Function Flexible Mounter Selected by CEM as Machine of Choice for Future Production

Date: 17 Jun 2020
Flexible, accurate, highly functional pick and place machine selected to take this CEM into the future, both upgrading capability and capacity.

Hanwha SM482PLUS with Docking Cart - Order received

Date: 21 Apr 2020
SM482PLUS chosen as preferred System. Customer specified the machine with standard camera set for flexibility and dockign carts for fast job change.

Installation of Hanwha SM481PLUS Mid range Flexible Mounter

Date: 31 Jan 2020
SM481PLUS installed. Flexible mounter, 10 heads, flying vision, optimum speed 40k cph. 01005 capable as standard up to 55mm square devices at 0.3mm lead pitch.

Three Installs of Hanwha SM482PLUS Pick and Place Machines

Date: 10 Dec 2019
Three Installs of Hanwha SM482PLUS Pick and Place Machines in three weeks.

Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company

Date: 19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.

Sale of SM482PLUS - 54th SM400 series in the UK

Date: 11 Jun 2019
Most popular model of Hanwha/Samsung Pick and Place machine. Flexible mounter, easy to use and VERY low cost of ownership

Order received for ESE US-2000X SMT Screen Printer

Date: 15 May 2019
Customer's main business model is producing prototype, highly populated PCBs with fine pitch BGAs and 01005 components

Order Received for Hanwha SMT Line comprising of SM482PLUS and SM485

Date: 15 May 2019
Nice Flexible SMT Line order received boasting high accuracy, wide component range and large feeder count.

Order received for Flexible Turnkey SMT Line - ESE Screen Printer - HANWHA SM482 PLUS

Date: 17 Apr 2019
Full Turnkey Line ordered, giving advanced, flexible solution. Main machines included the ESE US-2000X Screen Printer, Flexible Hanwha SM482PLUS Pick and Place Machine and the smaller professional Folungwin 6 Zone Reflow Oven.
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