Installation of Hanwha SM481PLUS Mid range Flexible Mounter

SM481PLUS installed. Flexible mounter, 10 heads, flying vision, optimum speed 40k cph.
01005 capable as standard up to 55mm square devices and 0.3mm lead pitch.

Nicely squeezed into the back of the factory.
This machine has increased the companies capacity capability by 30%

The Hanwha SM481PLUS is such an easy machine to use, fast and flexible.

Only 3 years ago, this company were using several entry level Swiss machines, however after the first Hanwha machine was installed, they instantly saw so many benefits from a different level of machine.

Perfect placement every time, vastly improved pick up rates due to repeatable feeders, better nozzle technology and repeatable head accuracy.

No more wasted time manually loading PCB's in and out and no more dropping or smudging of boards due to moving to a conveyor based machine.

Easier CAD import interface, simple steps to import various CAD files instead of using a filter.

Less maintenance and low cost of ownership due to the Hanwha Systems being highly reliable.

etc etc.

Install 31/12/2020

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