Three Installs of Hanwha SM482PLUS Pick and Place Machines

Three Installs of Hanwha SM482PLUS Pick and Place Machines in three weeks.

December was am extremely busy month for the engineering team at Elite 7.  Our most popular model, the SM482PLUS was the machine of choice for each customer.  One chose the Side tray Feeder to go with the machine, allowing 20 different matrix trays to be used without impacting on feeder space or PCB width.

So where did they go and what application?

1. Hampshire.  CEM specialising in prototype assembly work, fast turn arounds.  The machine was specified with 01005 cameras, fixed feeder bases for maximum feeder capacity and a slightly larger board option of 510mm x 460mm.

2. Manchester.  CEM, busy at the moment with automotive and security work sector.  PCBs are heaviliy loaded with tray fed parts, so they opted for the STF-100S Side tray feeder which holds 20 full trays or 40 half size trays.

3. Hertfordshire.  OEM, Aerospace industry.  Machine was specified with docking cart/feeder trolley system for quick job changes.

The SM482PLUS really is one great machine, so reliable and flexible, now with around 100 SM series installed in the UK.

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