HANWHA SM485 Multi Function Flexible Mounter Selected by CEM as Machine of Choice for Future Production

Choosing the SM485 Multi Function SMT Pick and Place Machine was no the instinctive choice for this customer.  Natural choice might have been the popular Hanwha SM482PLUS Flexible Pick and place machine which already has a wide placement range, accuracy and speed as well as being easy to use with quick set up time and job change overs.

Sometimes there are challenging components which are not easily picked by traditional vacuum nozzle, even if a special vacuum nozzle is made bespoke for the component and so the only solution, to avoid manual handling is by using gripper nozzle.

The Hanwha SM485 combines the speed and accuracy of the SM482PLUS pick and place machine and adds the use of gripper nozzles.  As well as gripper nozzles, the machine has a large view camera allowing placement of components up to 150mm in length.  The Upward camera is kitted out with various different illumination rings as well as laser lights to reflect light off some of the most trickiest components such as shield cans or other white or reflective components where the outline only can be seen and not the pins of the component .

Lifted Lead Checker is a popular option, commonly known as co-polarity checker where missing, bent or defective leads are detected.  The defective components are returned to the tray.

Component value checking.  LCR Checker.  Inductance, capacitance and resistance can also be verified on both the SM485 and SM485P models by using the optional LCR checker.

This customer opted for the STF-100S Side tray feeder which shuttles up to 20 complete matrix trays into the machine thus adding huge capacity to their existing setup.

The Hanwha SM485 is truly an amazing all round machine with large placement capacity.

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