Hanwha SM482PLUS with Docking Cart - Order received


Our Hanwha SM482PLUS was selected as the preferred system for this customer.  Flexibility was the key and quick job changes.  They often change jobs 5 or 6 times each day, so the docking cart system was selected for quick job changes.

Each docking cart holds 56pcs of 8mm tape Feeders.  The whole cart is wheeled in and out of the machine in seconds and the machine automatically teaches the pocket positions, so job change set up is very quick.

To accompany the machine, the customer opted for the Side Tray Feeder.  This brilliant system holds 20 full size matrix trays or 40 half size trays, so two half size per pallet.  The whole pallet is shuttled into the machine for the pick up heads to pick as many components available.  The Tray Feeder doesn't occupy any feeder slots like other machine manufacturers and also has no impact on the PCB width.

The SM482PLUS is a flexible wide range mounter, capable of placing components from 01005 up to 75mm long with excellent repeatbility and accuracy.

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