Order received for ESE US-2000X SMT Screen Printer

Customer found they were producing more and more PCBs fully loaded with uBGA components and 01005 chips. The investment for a Screen Printer was always something they had planned to do, however as production increased, the need for more placement capacity was always a priority.

The prototyping work can range from 1 PCB to 20, with the usual run sizes of 3-5.  Job changes are frequent and so the customer questioned whether or not the frequent job changes would be justified time wise with a Fully Automatic Printer.

The ESE was tested on three occasions to make sure before purchase.  A job change of the ESE Screen printer is literally minutes and programming a NEW PCB can take two minutes, it's that quick and easy to use.

The results and repeatability of the printer were consistent and excellent during the trials and so the customer ordered and has not looked back since.  Going from a Semi-automatic Dek 248 to a Fully Automatic ESE US-2000X might have been quite a leap but well worth it.

Another nice feature.. Customer did not always have fiducials on the PCB nor stencil and in this case had to teach pads as reference points which was easily done.

2D Paste and stencil inspection was also an important feature to verify the paste deposits.

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