Sale of SM482PLUS - 54th SM400 series in the UK

Driven by an Automotive project, this customer had had an increasing demand to place 0201 components and to at least twice the speed of of of their pick and place machines.

The SM482PLUS, with an optimum speed of 30'000cph can often be seen in the field running at a real tiem rate of 16k cph or more.  Their existing machine run rate was around 6'000cph but flakey when it came to 0201 placement and repeatability was poor, being lucky to achieve +/- 0.1mm.

The SM482PLUS imediately solved all these problems.  SM Feeders from Hanwha are extremely repeatable and efficient allowing repeatable pick up and placement.  Repeatability and accuracy of the machine is +/- 0.04mm.

Hanwha SM482PLUS can also place 01005 components.  Smaller than that, Hanwha have the DECAN S1 and S2 mounters which can place 03015 components and the HM520 down to 0201 metric.

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