2007 Samsung CP45FV NEO overhauled by Elite 7 installed

Customer needed to add more feeder capacity to their production and the need for placing substantially more 0402 values repeatably and quickly.

Floor space was also and issue and a lower budget.

We sourced a used CP45FV NEO for the customer and it must have been the longest overhaul ever with lockdown getting in the way but the machine was completed and looked great!

Machine was a 2007 machine.  After overhaul, repainting and putting back together, the machine performed flawlessly and was ready to go to the customer.

1m conveyor was removed and replaced with a 500mm conveyor, saving a little bit more line space and the machine was running by the end of the second day of installation.

Although 13yrs old, Elite 7 Installations still support the CP series machines and will continue to do so until the time is right for companies to upgrade, at which point we will be there to offer a suitable solution and make the transition to the SM series as smooth and simple as possible.

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