Elite 7 Appointed as Key Partner for Board Marking Equipment

Elite 7, having worked with equipment from STS Limited for many years already, they knew the build quality, ease of use and more importantly, the reliability of STS products was very high.

With the increasing demand for traceability and the regular quotation request for label feeders, Elite 7 considered an alternative.  Laser marking is also a very good solution, this too is offered by STS as well as a label mounter.  Several customers in the LED sector have often asked for a solution to personalise their white LED boards and strips, this is an aree where the ink marker is perfect for that.

Unlike labels, the ink print will not come off during a PCB wash cycle, nor discolour.

STS have incorporated the Domino Ink head into their robot and so the INK 1400S was born.  Fast printing, rotated printing, different fonts and across multiple lines, 2D barcodes as well as tiny QR Codes.

The INK1400S can also be interfaced with an MES for total traceability.

Elite 7 Installations are very happy to partner with STS for their marking machines and look forward to a long adn warm relationship.

The STS range of machines are a wonderful addition alongside our ESE Screen Printers and Hanwha Pick and Place Machines.

For more information on this range click here


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