Screen Printing Solutions for thick film hybrid products

Traditional labs use bench-top unsupported antique screen printers.  In general the 30yr old blue ones, you know what we are talking about here!

For many years several of our customers have been printing hybrid circuits and resistors using our ESE screen printers.

We've done many a trial against D and E printers and the ESE US-2000XQ out performed them by a mile.  The table design of the ESE Screen printer is unlike any other and makes the print uniformity ideal for thick film process.

The smaller frames from the old Blue D printers can be used in the ESE printer with a simple frame adaptor so don't worry about that.  Alignment is automatic saving a lot of time there.

Print pressure is controlled and the hybrid circuits are supported either with standard tooling supplied or in many cases a dedicated vacuum nest.  If steel is to be printed on then ESE developed and Electro-magnetic next to hold down warped fired substrates.

For more information about our printing solutions for hybrid circuits, get in touch and share your project information with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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