Fully Intelligent SMART SMT Line Ordered

The Hanwha T-Solution intelligent feeder machine solution has been selected by this OEM as their preferred platform.  A full Turnkey line has been specified by Elite 7 Installations with a line CPH of 77’000 components per hour.

So start to finish.. Multi Magazine Line Loader, ESE US-2000X Fully automatic screen printer with 2D inspection, Hanwha DECAN S1 Mid speed flexible pick and place machine, Hanwha SM482PLUS Flexible Pick and Place Machine, Folungwin FL-VP860 Reflow Oven with centre board support as well and pin chain conveyor, ending with a multi magazine line unloader.

The pick and place machines are connected via Hanwha’s T-Solution software to not only line balance the products to get the best efficiency but as well as tracking the full production.

T-Part is used to in stores when the components arrive where the stores person allocates a bar-code and the component count on the reel.

T-Feeder assigns the unique feeder ID (Intelligent feeder) to the barcode when the reel is mounted onto the feeder as the operator scans the bar code.  The T-Solution database knows the Feeder ID as well as the component reel information.  The reel is also associated with the component part data so when the feeder is mounted on the machine, the machine knows not only what component is on the feeder but the number of components too.

PCB Bar Coding.  Each pick and place machine, before commencing production will scan the PCB bar code unique to each PCB and lot tracking will commence.

T-IT Full Intelligent machines.  Upon initial set up, each machine will expect a feeder in a certain position and will not run production until the feeder and reel is checked.  Once the correct feeder is in the correct position, the machine will want the reel bar code to be scanned.  This ensures the correct part is on the correct feeder and in the correct position.  As reels are exhausted and there is a reel change, again, the machine will stop until the reel bar code is scanned.

Operator error is far reduced and each PCB and component on each reel is tracked through the system.  Analysis of production can be done offline through T-Studio.

Hanwha T-Solution is a powerful tool for full traceability.

T-Solution is also integrated into other SMT Line components such as SPI, AOI, Screen Printers for even tighter traceability.

We very much look forward to installing this Full Turnkey line next month!

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