Fully Intelligent SMT Line For Demonstration at our Bradford Facility

We invite you to visit us this June and July to check out our best selling SMT Products at our Bradford Facility.

We've purposely over stocked to bring you this fully intelligent SMT Line with T-Solution software.

Begining with a Bare Board De-Stacker feeding our best selling ESE US2000X Fully Automatic Screen Printer with a 500mm link conveyor after exit.

After the printer comes the stunning DECAN S1, flexible and highly accurate pick and place machine with 10 flying vision heads followed by the UK's best selling pick and place machine, the Hanwha SM482PLUS flexible mounter.

After the mounter will be a 1000mm conveyor with light tower where the PCB can be inspected or additional components populated prior to reflow or the conveyor can be set to auto where it will automatically feed into the reflow oven if the oven is available.

For Oven we have our most popular Folungwin model, an 8 zone oven.  The FL-VP860N has 8 heated zones with independent heating control both top and bottom followed by two cooling zones.  The oven has both pin chain for automatic in-line process and also has a mesh belt as standard.

Finally to end the line is a 1000mm flat belt conveyor which indexes as the PCB passes the exit.  It has an audible alarm which sounds when the board is on the flat belt.

We have many other options for loading an unloading including single and multi magazine line loaders and unloaders, vacuum loaders, buffers, turn units, lift conveyors etc.

We welcome you to visit us and we look forward to seeing you!

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