Introducing SAM Electronic Equipment - Cleaning Machines for Electronics Manufacturing

Sam Electronic Equipment of Shenzhen.  After several meetings and our MD Brian Angus visiting the factory in Shenzhen to further evaluate the company, capabilities and quality of workmanship, Elite 7 Installations are over the moon to offer a great quality product with a good name in the industry to their product line up.

SAM have many different types of cleaning machine solutions which will work hand in hand with our product line up.

Let's start with the SMT Stencil Cleaning Machines which will complement our popular ESE SMT Screen Printer.  The SAM SM-8100 Stencil cleaning machine is the first machine in the range we have ordered for our demo facility.  A simple pneumatic system using compressed air and a liquid cleaner so there is no need for DI water or 3 phase supply.

Along side this SAM have various solutions to automatically clean and dry PCB assemblies but perhaps our favoured model would be the SM-5600 which features an upper, lower and middle rotary spraying bar.  There are other options such as ultrasonic+liquid which can be used to breakdown tiny left over particles on smaller aperatures.

Pallet Fixture Machine, the SM-8400NI.  A unique rotating bin in which dirty grimy fixtures can be placed such as wave soldering fixtures.  You can of course put your squeegees holders in there if you want a sparkling finish on them too.

We're very much looking forward to getting some machines out there and having a long lasting relationship with SAM Electronic Equipment.

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