Strong Start to 2023

Already half way through February and it's been a busy beginning to the year.

January started with a bang in the first week with an installation of the popular Hanwha SM482PLUS in Reading.  The following week another Hanwha SM482PLUS Flexible Mounter was installed further west in Bristol, replacing an older Samsung CP45FV NEO pick and place machine.  The NEO had done very well, however with package changes as well as the demand for smaller component placement, the SM482PLUS with Electric feeder was chosen as the ideal upgrade machine.

Mid-January and into February saw three ESE Screen Printer installations, one in the far South West in Truro where the ESE US-2000X was chosen as a replacement printer for an aging MPM UP-2000.  In the midlands another ESE US-2000X was installed, this time replacing the final aging Dek printer, making the ESE the fourth printer this customer has purchased. 

Heading further north to Lancashire.  A very interesting installation, this time a hugely densely populated PCB of length 900mm was the challenge.  This was easily done using slightly modified ESE US-8500X printer with extra tooling for support.

Next week will see another US-2000X installation in North Yorkshire and then we have March where more machines are on their way!!

ESE SMT Screen Printers are not only highly reliable and robust but those who use them day to day find them so easy and quick to setup, especially when it comes to creating new programs.  Elite 7 Installations always spec the printers with 2D inspection, Under stencil cleaner wet/dry and vacuum as well as a table vacuum system which can later be connected to dedicated vacuum nests if needed.

Hanwha SMT Pick and Place machines have proven extremely popular in the UK over the years and the demand in the last 3 years has been well received.  The 10 head DECAN S1 Pick and Place machine appears to be flavour of the moment and why not given it's huge flexibility, speed and accuracy.  2023 should be an interesting year.

We look forward to working with clients both new and old and discussing any potential upgrades you may be considering for future proofing your business.

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