Hanwha European Partner Meeting and New Product Introduction

This month our MD Brian Angus attended the annual European Distributor meeting in Frankfurt where the highlight of the day was seeing the Brand New Hanwha Pick and Place Machines in the flesh.

Sorry Hanwha, of course he loved spending time with you all too ;-).

New models on show were mainly the XM520, high speed mounter with high flexibility too and some fancy new software tricks and then the HM520W.

The XM520 is a highly flexibly system and fully dual lane.

The HM520W adds a new level of wide placement range but placement speed is increased for simultaneous placement of large components.  The age old problem with pick and place machines is how to place larger components faster withing a single machine.  Hanwha have cleverly re-thought it's head design to counter this!

R & D doesn't stop there, Hanwha also explained there is a lot more to come!

Exciting times ahead.

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