Folungwin Reflow Ovens - Flavour of the month

May 2024, the engineering team at Elite 7 have installed a total of 4 Folungwin Reflow Ovens.  One Entry Level 4 Zone Oven with two cooling zones.  Although we say entry level, it’s not what we would exactly call an Entry level oven as it has all the bells and whistles of the larger ovens as well as the tight cross temperature delta.

The Folungwin 6 zone reflow is a popular model in the UK.  This time a first in the UK, a 6 zone with centre board support was installed and very nice it was too.

Finally, two 8 zone reflow ovens were installed.  The Folungwin Fl-VP860 is the most popular model in the UK.  8 top and 8 bottom independently controlled zones with two cooling zones, pin edge and mesh conveyor, flux circulation, UPS backup are just a few standard features.

Elite 7 have worked with Folungwin for more than 16years and the ovens are proven to be highly reliable, stable and a well known brand in the UK.

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