Pick and Place Machines

SMT pick and place machines from Hanwha to suit any budget or project.

Hanwha SMT Pick and Place Machines are world class with a huge range of machines.  Lower end yet most popular is the SM482 PLUS, 6 head full vision flexible mounter.  Moving up from that is a 10 head, then various dual gantry systems for more speed.  The DECAN range offers high speed yet utilising the upward camera, brings added flexibility.

HM520 is a modular, high speed rotary type head machine with small footprint, ultra fast, ideal for long running jobs such as Automotive, mobile etc.

The NEW SM485 and SM485P are both highly flexible multi function pick and place machines with improved component range and height.  Can place through hole components and using the gripper nozzles can pick large and odd form components.

As well as NEW machines from Hanwha, we also offer Reconditioned systems which are generally in stock, these reconditioned systems can be a good solution to smaller budget requirements and offer a great flexible solution to start up companies without the risk of buying "Just a Used" machine where the history is unknown.

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