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Flexible Multi Function Odd Form Placer - Hanwha SM485

26mm Component Placement height

Use of gripper nozzles to pick tricky components

Large Board options up to 740mm length

Small Footprint

The SM485 is a high precision multi-functional placement system equipped with four high speed flexible heads and one high precision force control head.  The SM485 is a good mixture between the flagship SM482 and the sucessful SM451 Odd Form machine.  So the SM485 has great flexibility and speed too.

Odd-shaped parts from 01005 fine chips to 150mm long long connectors, bare chips and PIP insert parts. In addition, it also allows placement of special parts by providing gripper nozzles and supports parts with height of up to 26mm.  POP, lead lift-off check, rear side reflection recognition and Component value checking are optional adding even more functionality.


  • Gripper Nozzles for Connectors
  • Laser light for aligning pin and can shield components
  • Force Control Z-Axis of precision head
  • Through Hole Component Placement
  • Connector Placement
  • 0201 component recognition as standard
  • 120 x 8mm Feeder Capacity
  • High Accuracy ±30µ@3σ/QFP, ±40µ@3σ/Chip
  • Small Footprint of just 1650mm x 1690mm x 1485mm
  • 4.7KVA Max Power


  • Lifted Lead Check Sensor
  • Board Height sensor
  • Component Value Verifier (LCR Checker)
  • Intelligent Feeders
  • Multi Tray Feeders
  • SMART Feeders (Cut Strips)
  • Radial Feeder
  • Bowl Feeder

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