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Reflow Oven - 8 Zone Medium/High Volume - Folungwin FL-VP860

Best Price/Performance Reflow Oven in the UK, the Folungwin VP860. Low power consumption, ease of use and very many options as standard.

Folungwin are the no.1 supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Equipment in China and pride themselves on offering ONLY High Performance, Quality Products.

Already ranked no.1 in the WORLD in terms of market share with their Flow Soldering Systems, they now intend to do the same with their Reflow and Printing Systems.

Some of the most promising features of the reflow systems would be their power saving function, accurate temperature control (excellent temperature profile), well maintained conveyor parallism, high Cpk value, unique flux management system and a clean process tunnel.


  • 8 Heated Zones, Top & Bottom independent heating
  • 2652mm Heated Length
  • 2 Cooling Zones
  • 430mm Board width using Pin Edge Rails
  • 505mm Mesh Width
  • Conveyor Speed 50-2000mm/min
  • Low Running Power Consumption of approx 8kW
  • Energy Reduction 1/3 Compared to Similar Systems
  • Heater Blower Speed Control as Standard
  • Automatic Chain Lubricator as Standard
  • Windows 10 Operating System & Software
  • UPS Back-up Power as Standard
  • Flux Re-Circulation System


  • Max PCB Width of 610mm
  • Nitrogen Saving System with Oxygen Analyser to minimise Nitrogen Consumption 
  • Water Cooling System
  • Centre Board Support
  • Dual Conveyor System
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