Order received for Flexible Turnkey SMT Line - ESE Screen Printer - HANWHA SM482 PLUS

This NEW SMT Line solution boasts big features, yet with a fairly short footprint.

In some factories, space can be a premium, so in this case Elite 7 put together a package which offers Flexibility, Speed, accuracy and best reflow profile within a short space.

The key part to the SMT process is the printing. The ESE US-2000X is a highly accurate SMT Screen Printer. So easy to use, with a new program taking just two minutes from scratch. Of course the printer doesn't just print, it comes with under stencil cleaner as standard as well as 2D paste inspection.  The ESE US-2000X also has a small footprint.

HANWHA SM482 PLUS is the flag ship model these days from Hanwha, with more than 200 units being shipped per month from the factory.  The SM482 PLUS is a flexible mounter, capable of placing 01005 components, down to tiny uBGAs where the balls can barely be seen.  Being flexible doesn't mean a loss in speed, the machine is often seen in the field placing at rates close to 20'000cph real time. Again, small footprint of just 1650mm line length needed.

HANWHA STF-100S Side Tray Feeder.  To accompany the SM482 PLUS is the Non Stop Multi Step Tray Feeder.  What a great piece of equipment.  The Side Tray Feeder holds 20 matrix trays and shuttles the complete trays inside the pick and place machine, without comprimising PCB width nor feeder slots.  This means more than one of the same component can be picked at that point.  Empty trays are then shuttled to the top of the tray feeder where it can be replenished while the tray feeder continues to supply other trays to the pick and place machine.

The Folungwin 6 zone reflow oven (FL-VP660) is a professional oven with a fairly short footprint, yet good PCB width, very low power consumption too!!!

Standard with Pin and mesh conveyor, UPS, Flux circulation system, on/off timers, auto chain oilers, independent heating zones both top and bottom, so easy to generate a perfect profile.

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