Order received for Flexible Multi Function Pick and Place Machine - Hanwha SM485

The SM485 combines flexibility and functionality without a loss of speed.

With 4 standard flying vision heads, the machine can still achieve 22'000cph and place components up to 26mm in height.

While the 5th head is a Force Control Head which can use gripper nozzles for components more complicated to pick up by normal vacuum nozzle.

This customer had a requirement to pick up flat blade pins vertically and push them through the board. This job was handled easily by the Hanwha SM485 Pick and Place Machine.  (Video can be seen below)  Later the tray feeder will be replaced by bowl feeder to reduce tray changeover and manual handling, thus making the process more efficient.

When this job isn't running, they can still achieve good run rates with the 4 standard heads.

In the Hanwha range we also have the SM485P which is a 4 Head machine, all heads with force control.  So for applications where almost every component requires a gripper or force control, this is the machine for you.  It's not designed for speed, more component range coverage.

Video Below is the SM485 Picking and Placing the Vertical Pins.

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