Order Received for Odd Form SMT Placement Machine - HANWHA SM485

With a power supply application where hundreds of flat pins needed to be picked up from loose supply and inserted vertically through holes in the PCB, the HANWHA SM485 Odd Form Pick and Place Machine was selected as the most capable yet flexible placement machine.

The SM485 is a newer generation machine, a mixture of two proven machines.  4 heads use 4 individual fly cameras for surfeace mount placement and the 5th head uses a large field of view upward camera.  The 485 has a large placement range and height capability as well as large PCB options.  The 5th head is a force control head and can utilise both normal nozzles and gripper nozzles to pick standard and difficult to pick odd form components. The force control allows the head to push components like connectors, pins, shields and even through hole components through the PCB without causing head damage or machine stoppages due to too much axis gain.  The amount of force can also be controlled.

Lifted Lead Check(also known as co-polarity check). Nice function using a laser to detect for lifted or bent leads along side the vision check to ensure perfect components are placed each time.

LCR Check  Measuring of component values automatically.  Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance check is an option which can be added to the SM485 upon order.

The SM485 can handle supply by loose components by bowl feeder, stick feeder, stack feeder, tape feeder, tray feeder, tape feeder.  It can also handle Axial and radial components.

With all these merits, the Hanwha SM485 Odd form Pick and Place Machine is a strong contender for your next SMT machine.

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