Best Distributor Award for Pick and Place Machines

We're very proud to receive this wonderful award from HANWHA, Best Distributor Award. 

After 5 years of partnership with Samsung and Hanwha of distributing their pick and place machines, we are delighted they feel our work is paying off.

We have a very good user base in the UK of Hanwha and Samsung SMT Pick and Place machines and the last 12 months may well have been a record amount of installs and we still have several new installs to complete.

Establishing a brand is never easy and of course the buyout from Hanwha of Samsung Techwin, obtaining 32% shares has meant the name HANWHA in Europe is unknown, however the company and brand has taken some huge leaps forward and extremely positive, with more and more money being pumped into R&D for new placement machines.

Later this year we will see some more great machines being introduced, watch this space.

For more information on Hanwha Pick and Place Machines click here


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