We pride ourselves on Customer Service/Support.

A happy customer is one who knows they are in safe hands should an unexpected problem occur, so we strive to ensure our customers and machines maintain the highest level of up-time.  Time is money in the EMS industry and we know that first hand.  If the machines perform well then we'll be looking forward to succesive orders.

We can also cater for your service requirements and tailor make a packge to suit your needs.

  • Annual Service Visits
  • Service Contracts, Bronze, Silver & Gold Depending on your machine usage and dependancy
  • Reflow De-Fluxing Service
  • SMT Line consultancy to aid you with improving your process, throughput and machine efficiency
  • Factory Moves
  • Operator/Supervisor/Process Engineer Training
  • Feeder Calibration Service to improve SMT machine throughput and efficiency
  • Computer System Upgrades & Software installation

We can support many systems and platforms.  Below are a few listed:

  • HANWHA/Samsung SMT Placement Machines including CP20/33/40/50/60L/63/SM310/SM320/SM321/SM411/SM421/SM431/SM451/SM451V/SM471/EXCEN/DECAN/SM482/SM482PLUS/SM481/SM481PLUS/SM471PLUS/SM485/SM485P/XM520/HM520/HM520W
  • ESE Fully Automatic Screen Printers including US-2000X,US-2000XQ,US-7000X,US-85000X,US-LX1,US-LX3 & US-LX5, US-E2, US-E7, US-E8
  • Folungwin Reflow Ovens FL-VP460/660/860/1060/1260
  • Folungwin Wave Soldering Machines FL-MD350/450
  • GMS400 Entry Level Wave Soldering Machines
  • Any Reflow Oven, we will attempt to repair
  • TWS Quadra (Mechanical Centering)
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