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The EMS 321FC is an rigid production machine. Designed specifically for lead free soldering and with the operators in mind the 321FC is not only a simple machine to operate but also easy to maintain too. With two preheat zones, one being hot air convection the machine easily achieves a perfect lead free profile with little trouble at all.  The 321CC is capable of more complex boards and a faster throughput. The O-Wave option offers the best soldering results for SMT components eliminating skips, icicles, bridges or solder build-up. It can solder boards of 304mm in width. Easy access for maintenance and a roll out solder pot. Many other features found only on machines of double the price!


  • PLC controlled with touch screen operation
  • Profile storage for 999 PCBs in USB drive
  • Management data , Password protected
  • Full Titanium Finger conveyor with adjustable width from 70 mm to 300mm
  • 4, 5, & 6 Degrees adjustable conveyor angle
  • Standard- Foam fluxer
  • Option- Spray fluxer
  • 2 Stage pre-heating of hot air convection pre-heater ( Three stage pre heating optional)
  • Specially coated solder pot suitable for Lead-free or Titanium solder- pot option
  • O-Wave option for SMD soldering ( Optional Dual wave )
  • Cooling fan at the exit
  • PID control for pre-heaters and solder pot
  • Roll out solder pot for ease of maintenance
  • Exchange solder pot can be provided as option
  • Highly reliable AC motors with in-built speed control for stable wave height, SMD O-Wave and conveyor speed
  • 18 kW power consumption
  • Automatic Finger cleaning system
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