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Used Pick and Place Machine - Samsung CP45FV NEO Reconditioned Available from Stock


Used Samsung CP45FV NEO Vintage 2007, reconditioned and re-painted, very nice example.Fully tested and calibrated at our reconditioning centre in Bradford.

SOLD.  Looking for similar used equipment to buy.  Contact us if you have anything.

CP45FV NEO Vintage 2007 Overhauled & Repainted.  6 Months Warranty

Popular CP45FV NEO. Highly Flexible, user friendly machine and highly reliable. Full vision with 6 placement heads, each with individual illumination allowing 6 totally different components to be aligned on the fly. Upward looking camera allowing placement of components down to 0.4mm Lead pitch.


  • Full Vision Mounter 19k cph
  • Vintage 2007
  • Fully Overhauled & Re-Painted looking and performing like NEW
  • Large PCB Size 460mm x 400mm
  • 0402 ~ 22mm Square by Flying Vision Alignment
  • 0.4mm Lead pitch @ 32mm Square using Vision Alignment
  • BGA/CSP/uBGA by Vision Alignment
  • Feeder Capacity up to 104 x 8mm Feeders
  • 19k cph optimum speed, IPC rated speed of 14'900cph (IPC9850)
  • Full set of nozzles to cover all component types
  • Large Component Library as Standard with more than 1'800 component types
  • CAD Import facility as standard
  • Robust & Highly reliable Machine, fully supported by Elite 7 Installations Ltd.
  • Small Footprint for this Industrial Machine

Additional Features:

  • Takes Standard CP Feeders, all types: NA/NB/SB/PB/PA
  • Great addition to any Existing line to add capacity or fine pitch
  • Machine will be fully overhauled by our Experts
  • Warranty offered and fully supported by Elite 7 Installations Ltd.
  • Latest Software will be loaded
  • Fully tested & rebuilt
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