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SMT Screen Printer - ESE US-2000X Fully Automatic Screen Printer

Our most popular screen printer in the UK. Easy to use, accurate and highly reliable with 2 years warranty.  Small footprint and very capable.

Max. PCB Size (Standard) (mm) 550 x 400
Min. PCB Size (mm) 50 x 50
Alignment Accuracy (um) +/-12.5um @ 6 sigma
Printing Repeatability (um) +/-25um @ 6 sigma
Stencil Size 1 29" x 29
Stencil Size 2 650 x 550
Stencil Size 3 23" x 23
Stencil Size 4 550 x 650
Cycle Time 10 seconds

SMT screen printers from ESE. Solder-paste screen printer model 2000X with advanced-design printing table for superior printing quality. All major components controlled by high-precision servo motors. Adjustable stencil rails and automatic motorized conveyor-width adjustment, for quick, easy changeovers. ESE US-X Series SMT screen printers are equipped with a fast, accurate vision system, with 2-D inspection standard.

  • PCB Size:  50 x 50 ~ 550 x 400mm 
  • PCB Thickness:  0.1mm ~ 5mm
  • Cycle Time:  10 seconds
  • Alignment Accuracy:  ±12.5um @ 6 sigma
  • Repeatability:  ±25um @ 6 sigma
  • 2D Inspection by Gerber input or manual programming which is very fast
  • 2D Inspection of Both PCB print and stencil aperatures
  • 2D Bar Code reading
  • Under Stencil Cleaning Wet/Dry/Vacuum
  • 23" and 29" Stencils handled as standard
  • Centre and Front Image Printing as standard
  • Automatic Conveyor Rail Adjustment


  • Touch-Screen Monitor
  • Bar Code Reader
  • MES Integration
  • Paperless Cleaner
  • Auto Paste Dispenser
  • Paste Volume Monitoring
  • Closed Loop Connection to SPI
  • Automatic Mask Loading
  • Temperature & Humidity Display
  • Air Conditioner
  • Various Tooling Options - Centre Vacuum Nests, magnetic nests
  • Glue Dispenser
Great bit of kit
ReviewerRichard Sunderland / FromManchester / Date09 Jul 2019
I must admit I was slightly dubious at first taking on a brand that I had never heard of, but I am so glad that we did. First of all the machine looks great and doesn't take up too much space. Secondly it does a fantastic job and repeatability is spot on.Setup time literally takes a few minutes and the 2D inspection feature works great. The under-stencil cleaning feature is great too and does a good job of keeping the aperture's clean. Last but not least the support from Elite7 is top notch we really can not fault them.
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