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R-TEK RT-IS Solder Paste Storage

In-and-out storage quickly
Save the storage space of the material
Real-time online inventory

Overview of Intelligent Solder Paste Storage Machine

Intelligent solder paste storage machine is a kind of device which can realize material in-and-out automatically. It can monitor the status of each bottle of material in the machine (storage time, shelf life, material brand, type, storage times, etc.). Through reservation, the corresponding material is automatically taken from the cold storage area and placed in the warming area to realize automatic warming and automatic mixing of the material, and the warming and mixing status of the material can be searched on the interface. When the material in the machine is about to expire or has expired, the relevant operators are prompted through the interface to deal with it.


* The machine can meet the common brand solder paste (500g/ bottle) storage.

*  The machine has automatic warming module, automatic mixing module, automatic storage module, automatic in and out of storage module, bar code identification module.

*  The machine can automatically control the temperature in the range of 0~10 degrees, the temperature can be set, and the accuracy can reach ±1 degree.

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