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BGA Rework Machine - Quick 2015 BGA Rework System

Nice compact system with lots of great features as standard. This is a well built machine and has great temperature control.


  • IR2015 Infrared reflow soldering section of BGA rework system Infrared temperature sensor monitors BGA surface temperature directly, realize close loop control, ensure precise temperature technical window and even heat distribution.
  • PL2015 Precise aligning and placing system of BGA rework system Visible double-colors optical lens alignment, overlap alignment between solder ball and soldering pad is scientific and accurate; easy control, and pick-up and placement.
  • RPC2015 Reflow Camera of BGA rework system The melting process of BGA solder ball can be observed from different angles, provides critical information to get accurate and reliable process curve.
  • IRsoft Software of BGA rework system The whole process can be recorded, controlled and analyzed and then generate curve diagram by connecting to PC, can meet the demands of modern electronic industry.
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