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3D X-ray Inspection Machine - Xavis XScan H100-OCT

X-ray Inspection Machine for 3D inspection of PCBs and electronic assemblies.

BGA Ball analysis and void inspection.

Machine Weight(kg) 3300Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 1700 x 1700 x 1800mm
Power Supply 220V Single Phase 50/60Hz
Comment 3D & CT as standard. Optional: 1. 2D Void Auto inspection. 2. 2D Auto Component inspection
X-Ray Leakage Dose Less than 1uSv/hour
Max Sample Weight 5Kg
Table Size 525 x 540mm
Manipulator 7-Axis (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, Z, Detector Tilt, Table Rotation)
Detector Tilt Angle 60Deg
X-Ray Detector 5 inch Flat Panel Detector (2352x2944pixels)
Magnification x236
Voltage/Current 130kV/300uA
Focal Spot Size 5um
Min. Detectability 3um
Table Rotation 360Deg
Max. Output Power 20W
Tube Type Closed

Entry Level 3D X-ray inspection system with intuitive software to aid analysis.

Magnification is x236 and the machine is 3D with easy to use software.

Very simple to use with a learning time of 2 days maximum.  Very impressive image quality.

Auto Void Inspection software is optional, when added makes the H100-OCT a highly powerful and useful tool in your SMT Process and affordable.

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