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2D X-ray Inspection Machine - Xavis XScan A100R

Entry Level model X-Ray Machine, packed with powerful analytical tools and BGA Void detection program as standard.

Focal Spot size of 5um

Machine Weight(kg) 1100Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 1360 x 1440 x 1700mm
Power Supply 220V Single Phase 50/60Hz
X-Ray Leakage Dose Less than 1uSv/hour
Max Sample Weight 5Kg
Table Size 500 x 500mm
Manipulator Basic 4-Axis (X, Y, Z, Detecror Tilt)
Detector Tilt Angle 50Deg
X-Ray Detector 5 inch Flat Panel Detector (2352x2944pixels)
Magnification x214
Voltage/Current 100kV/250uA
Focal Spot Size 5um
Min. Detectability 3um
Table Rotation N/A
Max. Output Power 10W
Tube Type Closed

Xavis X-ray Inspection Machine for inspection of PCBs and electronic assemblies including battery assemblies and even cable assemblies.

X-Ray is the ONLY way to tell if devices like BGA's and QFN devices are soldered properly.

BGA Ball voiding in Micro electronics has an acceptance level of 10% or lower.  A micro BGA ball diameter may only be 0.2mm, so even 10% void is a lot on such a small device.

The A100R used a closed tube source which means the machine is virtually maintenance free.  As well as that our detection method is a flat panel detector.

  • Dual Monitors for easy of use between real image display and analytic software.
  • X/Y/Z and Tilt axis
  • Closed Tube - Maintenance Free, low cost of ownership
  • Good PCB table size, ideal for CEM/OEM
  • Single Phase supply
  • UPS as standard
  • Very safe, operation levels equivalent to natural environment
  • Highly reliable with good build quality

Price Starting from as Little as £63k GBP

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