UK Exhibitions

This year, for the fifth year in a row we exhibited our leading equipment at UK Exhibitions.

Exhibitions where you could see many machines under one roof in the UK are a thing of the past, we all know that. Pop up exhibtions are fashionable but other than meeting and greeting, what benefit do these shows give over seeing real working machines first hand and asking the technical questions an seeing the build quality first hand.

This year we took more than £300'000 worth of equipment to the NEC for a two day show.  Made a few reaonable contacts, however given the expense, energy to get everything organised for months and time spent there, we have made the sorry decision to stop doing UK Shows.  This is not a financial decision as we have always put on the biggest and best exhibition booths out of any exhibitor.

This was a decision made in the good of our company, however UK shows are a vicious circle.  If the suppliers don't attend the shows with equipment, then the customers won't attend.  However these type of shows have been in steady decline over the last decade.

Elite 7 will continue to stock their leading class machines at their showroom in Bradford, for immediate display and delivery; and in special circumstances, put in on trial basis.

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