TSM Reflow Oven Support and Sales

TSM Reflow Oven

TSM Reflow Ovens, Korean made and reliable.

Elite 7 are proud to announce that we can now fully support the range of TSM and of course TSM/Samsung reflow ovens.

Having produced reflow oven since 1998, TSM have established themselves as one of the leading reflow oven manufacturers globally.  The TSM is an approved reflow oven by Samsung Electronics and LG, proving to be extremely reliable.

Elite 7 Installations Limited offer NEW TSM reflow Ovens from 7, 8 and 9 Zones as an alternative to the already successful range of Folungwin reflow ovens.  We offer Machine installation, repair, service, service contracts, factory moves, spare parts etc.

For more information about TSM Reflow ovens and our services please contact us.

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