Sale of Samsung SM482 at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition

Despite the poor weather condition, floods and wind, the turnout at Southern Manufacturing wasn't as bad as expected.

This year we exhibited the Jutze AOI System.  No.1 AOI system in China offering excellent build quality and high level of inspection.

On the other side of the stand we exhibited a working mini line of equipment, some of our handling equipment with a Samsung SM482 Flexible Pick & Place machine being the main highlight.  Each day we produced PCB's each highly populated with 0201 components, in fact 600 components per board and 8 boards per panel.  These boards were handed out.

Fortunately we didn't have to take the machine back to the office after the show as it was sold to a customer during show time and then delivered straight to them.

The Samsung SM482 is a flexible Pick & Place machine placing components from 0201 up to 75mm connectors.

Samsung SM482

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