Order received for ESE US-2000XQ High accuracy printer

Automotive and marine company chose the ESE US-2000XQ Screen printer as part of their NEW SMT Line solution.

With a need to print devices down to 01005 and smaller, the US-2000XQ offered a repeatable reliable print.

Of course, ease of use, quick set up and quick job changes were also an important factor when chosing the ESE US-2000XQ.

As well as investment in the ESE Screen printer, part of the NEW line was also Automatic SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) provided by Pemtron Europe and 3D AOI, also from Pemtron Europe.

The ESE printer and Pemtron SPI work hand in hand with a close loop system, sharing information between the two machines. If the SPI detects continual drift, then through the closed loop system, a message will be sent to the Screen printer to adjust an offset to compensate, thus correcting any offset before it becomes a production problem.

The ESE US-2000XQ SMT Screen Printer is fast, reliable, accurate, easy to use and very low cost of ownership!

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