Order received for 78'000cph Chip Shooter - Hanwha SM471PLUS


Order received this week for a nice Hanwha SM471PLUS chipshooter and Side Tray Feeder STF-100S

The machine will be added in line with and SM481PLUS Flexible Mounter.
This is the beauty of modular systems.
By adding the SM471PLUS requires just an additional line space of just 1650mm.
The current line has a max speed of 40'000cph and by adding the Hanwha SM471PLUS will increase this to 118'000cph.

As well as the Hanwha SM471PLUS the customer has ordered an automatic side tray feeder which adds the capability of 20 trays to the line without sacrificing PCB width of taking up feeder positions.
The tray feeder is non stop so will continue to run when a tray runs out.

The new line will be impressive boasting:

1. 240 8mm feeder positions
2. 20 tray feeder handling
3. 01005 placement
4. 55mm square component placement
5. 0.3mm lead pitch placement
6. 118'000cph Max speed

Whatever your Placement requirement of for more information contact us: www.elite7group.com

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