Order received for 10 Head Hanwha SM481 Pick & Place Machine

HANWHA SM481 High Speed Pick and Place machine installedHANWHA SM481 High Speed Flexible Mounter, optimum placement speed of 40'000cph.
Order received today by Robotics and motor control company.

Electronic Assemblies and SMD parts are getting smaller smaller all the time which drove Devantech to consider replacing their 11 year old Surface Mount Machine.  After considering all available machines on the market, the HANWHA SM481 was selected.  The 10 head machine gave them twice as much capacity as their previous machine.  Combining Speed, accuracy and flexibility the SM481 was a perfect solution, capable of placing 01005 components as standard and up to 55mm square devices.

HANWHA Pick & Place Machines offer remarkably low cost of ownership a very low maintenance needed.  2 year parts and labour warranty as standard and knowledgable UK Supplier, the SM481 was an attractive option.

For more information about the HANWHA SM481 click here

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