Large Board Pick and Place Machine - HANWHA SM481L Pick and Place machine installed with board handling up to 1500mm

The Hanwha SM481L was selected by the LED Lighting manufacturer to be the best and most flexible Pick and Place Machine for their current and future demand.

Adding the SM481L to their SMT Line doubled their capacity and also increased capability to a whopping 1500mm x 460mm PCB size.

The Hanwha SM481L Pick and Place Machine is not only fast at placing SMT LEDs but is very flexible too.

With the added Upward camera added, the SM481L pick and place machine can place 01005 components up to 14mm on the fly, without the need to move to another camera nor stop at a camera point.  The flying vision system allows recognition on the fly to the placement point, so very fast alignment and placement.

In additon, this customer added the large upward camera, giving them the flexibility of placing large and fine pitch components down to 0.3mm pitch.

With on board drivers in mind for the future, this pick and place machine has ensured it will be capable of anything thrown at it in the future.

For more information on the SM481L click here

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