Elite 7 End Year 7 on a high with turnover up 50%

7 Years ago Elite 7 Installations was incorporated on 8th October 2010

Today, 7th October marks the end of year 7 and a very good year indeed in a tough market.

Sales growth for this financial year is up 50% from 2015-2016.

3 Main Sectors of growth for Elite 7 are clear:

  • HANWHA Pick & Place Machines - NEW Sales.  These fantastic machines offer unrivalled cost per placement and almost zero cost of ownership.
  • ESE Fully Automatic Screen Printers - NEW Sales.  Simple to use, well built, print quality and repeatability is amazing and like the HANWHA equipment, very low cost of ownership.
  • Reconditioned Equipment.  Again, lots of growth in this area.  Where budgets are tight and NEW Equipment purchase is not possible, Elite 7 can offer reconditoned equipment.  Our reconditioned options not only look almost new but will perform almost like new.  Various warranties are always available and the equipment is fully supported by Elite 7 in terms of training, installation, service and on going support.

Whatever your equipment needs are, chose the lucky number 7 and Elite 7 will look after you!

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