3D X-Ray Inspection Machine installed - Xavis H160-OCT

3D X-Ray Inspection Machine installed.
This week we installed our first 3D X-Ray system in the UK, Scotland in fact.
The H160-OCT from Xavis, what a machine and amazing images and features!

The clarity of the 160KVA system is extremely impressive when it comes to very small BGA pitch inspection. The CT and 3D rendering is something else, totally amazing.  The way the system can cross section the 3D images is wonderful and with the software, simple analysis can be done to calculate the voids.

This Xavis H160-OCT had the optional Auto Void inspection software installed on it.  After setting some parameters, it really was as simple a pressing start and then the machine auto moved and inspected each area and gave a pass or fail.  Very nice!

Xavis are a leading X-Ray Machine manufcturer of South Korea and exclusively available from Elite 7 Installations in the UK.  Machines are available for small PCB assemblies up to very large and heavy Die Cast applications.

Xavis make systems to suit smaller budgets, 2D inspection yet still computer controlled and void calculation is standard in the software. The other systems are closed tube, so almost maintenance free, so long term cost is very low.

For more information, please follow this link: Xavis X-Ray


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