£300K Full SMT Line order received this week

Hanwha DECAN F2 High Speed Flexible Mounter2015 so far has been a steady year of both NEW and Reconditioned machines, with particular growth in our ESE Screen Printers.

The UK is a tough market indeed, however most manufacturers we are in touch with report continual growth in their fields despite media speculation about UK manufacturing and the gloomiest export outlook in almost four years among UK manufacturers

Thanks to the governament, many companies appear to be taking advantage of the Annual Investment Allowance which is currently set at £500k GBP for this tax year, allowing any company investing in capital equipment to offset this amount from their corporation tax.

This week we have taken our biggest order this year, a complete turnkey line solution @ £300k GBP.

Consiting of:

  • Bare Board Loader
  • ESE US-7000X Screen Printer capable of printing PCB's 650mm x 450mm
  • Hanwha DECAN F2 High Speed State of the Art Flexible Pick & Place machine with an optimum placement speed of 80'000cph
  • Link Conveyors
  • Folungwin Six Zone Reflow Oven - Efficient oven using just 6.5Kw of power once stable and heating up in just 20mins
  • Jutze XI-2000 In-Line AOI - Large Board handling in-line AOI system 650mm x 560mm PCB Handling

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