Electronics Industry

X-Ray is the ONLY way to tell if devices like BGA's and QFN devices are soldered properly.

BGA Ball voiding in Micro electronics has an acceptance level of 10% or lower.  A micro BGA ball diameter may only be 0.2mm, so even 10% void is a lot on such a small device.

The X-Ray machine can detect voids manually or you can opt for the optional Auto void detect software.  3D and CT are also optional giving you the power to section devices.

Xavis X-ray Inspection Machine for inspection of PCBs and electronic assemblies including battery assemblies and even cable assemblies.

Table Size
500 x 500mm (2)
525 x 540mm (3)
x15000 (1)
x180 (1)
x214 (1)
x236 (1)
x79 (1)
100kV/250uA (1)
130kV/300uA (3)
160kV/1000uA (1)
Focal Spot Size
5um (5)
Max. Output Power
10W (1)
10W(Be target)/20W(Dia target) (1)
20W (1)
39W (2)
Tube Type
Closed (4)
Open (1)
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